What We Do

*Please inquire about corporate pricing


Digital Platform Access - $350- $400

includes use of portal resources, a rental needs assessment, up to 20 listing suggestions added to the portal as well as property management companies specializing in the specific property type requested by client.

Candidate Area Tour - $400-$500

Familiarizing your job candidate with the area will get them excited about the benefits of living in the Pacific Northwest. Tours can include a discussion on neighborhood demographics, school ratings, driver, bicyclist and public transit commute times, as well as provide insights on cost of living.

International Settling In Services - $500-$700, A La Carte - $250

Additional settling in services available upon request

Sprout walks clients through the often confusing and overwhelming process of visiting the Social Security Office, establishing banking and applying for a drivers license. We ensure these services are taken care of in the correct order and proper paperwork is filed.

Rental Tour

Diligently pre-screening for demographics, pets, schools, commute times and budget allows us to customize high quality rental tours that result in quick rental procurement. We provide advice on standard timelines, deposits, review application and lease
agreement paperwork.

Half Day Guided Tour - $550-$700 - 4 hours with tour specialist, viewing 4-5 properties

Full Day Guided Tour - $750-$1,000 - 6 hours with tour specialist, viewing 6-8 properties

Self Guided Tour - $500-$700 - Client is provided an itinerary of 6-10 pre-scheduled showings based upon their preferred
tour timeline.

Remote Guided Tour -  $550-$750 - Client is provided 2-4 lists by email of available properties in a 1-2 week period, then Sprout video tapes or live chats a client’s top 1-2 property choices, coordinating applications and lease agreement remotely.